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My Services

Embracing Innovation

I have over 10 years of experience in project management, business analysis, process improvement and change management in the financial, aviation and public sector, where I have achieved several successful project results.  My responsibilities included leading local and international teams of business, analytical and/or technical members, defining service needs and associated operational requirements, ensuring ongoing scalability and supportability of the implementation, understanding customer and/or user experience, documenting key processes, user stories and use cases, and promoting change management activities - including training and communication.


I am a highly motivated, detail-oriented person with excellent problem solving, analysis and intermediate skills. I have excellent written and oral communication skills in English, German and Spanish as well as proven leadership skills. I have a comprehensive understanding of project management methodology (both Waterfall and Agile) and have used various tools to manage projects and stakeholders.



With my knowledge and experience in the industry, I can analyze your business and operational requirements to improve and document internal processes focused on developing manuals and guidelines across a wide range of business units to enhance the traveler experience, develop business strategy, manage financial investments and increase flight operations. I advise my clients to identify improvement opportunities to strengthen the quality culture and framework and advise them on the methods, practices and techniques necessary to meet IATA and IOSA requirements.


Based on my many years of experience in consulting top international banks, as a project, training manager and business analyst I offer a wide range of services related to money laundering, KYC, counter terrorism financing, sanctions & embargoes, anit-bribery and corruption, risk compliance, IT and management consulting in various areas of financial services such as compliance, anti-financial crime, investment, retail, online and mobile banking.


Based on my education and experience in the public sector, I can help public authorities as management consultant, project manager, quality and training manager to develop and successfully implement application scenarios using cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything that will sustainably improve our quality of life in cities and regions. By automating processes and specialized procedures, administrative tasks can be processed faster and with higher quality in the future.


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Project Management

I can work with my client to help them strengthen the culture and framework of project implementation by advising and coaching all parties involved in the methods, practices and techniques (e.g. preparation of the project description, work breakdown structure, work packages, monitoring of costs, milestones, deadlines and achievement of objectives, etc.) necessary for the success of the project. Other of my key qualifications include empathy, entrepreneurial thinking and, last but not least, tact in managing and working together with all stakeholders.

Business Analysis

As a business analyst I can help you to identify problems, determine solutions and communicate the necessary implementation processes. Your field of activity also includes the support of change processes, success measurement and optimization. With these tasks and a range of techniques and methods (e.g. data flow diagrams, data modelling, metrics and performance indicators, scenarios and use cases, etc.) you will be able to identify and analyze your business processes. I can act as a link between stakeholders to understand the structure, policies and procedures of an organization and recommend solutions that will enable the organization to achieve its goals.

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Quality Management Audits

I can carry out internal quality management audits for customers as part of certification support (ISO 9001) for continuous monitoring and optimisation of processes. With my QM auditor certification and professional experience, I can take on a consulting role for the review, assurance and continuous improvement of the quality of internal processes in all business areas.

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Process Management

As a process management consultant I can support and accompany all leadership roles in process management. This includes on the one hand the development and introduction of methodical components of process management (e.g. process controlling) as well as on the other hand the modelling of content and goal-oriented management of individual processes. This includes support in the analysis and conception of company-wide and process-specific process management methods (e.g. Total Quality Management (TQM), Lean Management, Kaizen and Six-Sigma) or the identification of weaknesses in the management of processes and the development of solutions.

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Training and Communications Management

As a training and communications manager, I can assist you in identifying and assessing future and current training needs. In addition, I can assist you in creating a complete or customized training and communication plan. This can be complemented by regular monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness, success and return on investment of training programmes and reporting on these.

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