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Terry Ayerve

Embrace Innovation

With over 15 years of proficiency in project management, business analysis, process management, quality management (in compliance with ISO 9001), along with comprehensive expertise in training and communication management, I bring substantial experience to the table. My successful track record spans various industries including finance, aviation, logistics and the public sector. During this time, I have distinguished myself through outstanding performance and results, successfully applying my in-depth knowledge and skills in a variety of project contexts.


During this time I have successfully managed projects, taking on a wide range of responsibilities. This included managing both local and international teams to ensure the successful delivery of projects. I have also worked extensively on the definition of service requirements and successfully implemented the detailed documentation of key processes through modeling techniques and the creation of use cases.


In addition, I have initiated and delivered comprehensive training to ensure team members and stakeholders are equipped with the required skills. Furthermore, I developed and implemented effective communication strategies to ensure transparent and efficient communication within the teams and with relevant stakeholders. These measures were instrumental in achieving the project objectives on time and in line with the defined requirements.

On the Path to Success

My Clients

I am passionate about providing individualized support to my clients, assisting them in the most challenging decision-making situations and guiding them on the path to sustainable success with tailored consulting services. My commitment goes beyond the ordinary as I aim to not only overcome short-term challenges, but to build long-term partnerships.


The true appreciation of my consulting services is experienced directly by my clients. Through my in-depth expertise and strategic approach, I create clear added value that translates into measurable results and sustainable business success. Below you will find a selection of notable clients with whom I have worked successfully. These examples illustrate the breadth of my experience and demonstrate my ability to successfully tackle multi-layered challenges in different industries.

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